Everyone returning to gymnastics must adhere to the following.


General Actions to Consider


  • All Staff and members of BGC must have read and understood the Covid-19 return to gymnastics guidance notes


  • Anyone with any even mild symptoms of COVID-19 must stay at home DO NOT ATTEND, contact their GP, or call NHS 111 / emergency services and follow their guidance.
  • If either a gymnast or member of your family should test positive for Covid-19 contact the Head of Administration, Sandra on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the club manager on 0742103900 ASAP
  • If a family member shows symptoms of Covid-19 you all will be required to self-isolate according to government guidelines and gymnast MUST NOT ATTEND SESSIONS.


  • Respect the opinions of all members on the current situation as we all understand that opinions may vary.
  • Behave in an appropriate manner. Any ignorance of the guidelines will not be tolerated, you will be given a warning. If unacceptable behavior continues you will be asked to leave.


  • If in the event that BGC has to close due to a case of Covid-19 been reported or a local/national lockdown has been enforced, all sessions will be redirected to online Zoom sessions which will follow the new lesson timetable. Note: No refunds will be issued as access to fully coached sessions will continue all be it in an online forum


In the Case of Someone displaying Symptoms during Gymnastics session



  • The club manager or lead coach will assess whether the symptomatic individual can immediately be directed to go home and call their doctor / NHS 111 and continue self-isolation at home.


  • The following procedure will take place in suspected cases of a person being symptomatic with COVID-19 whilst at BGC and who cannot leave the facility immediately and risks Infecting / transmitting the virus to others:
  • The unwell person will be isolated to an area (designated area- upstairs classroom). The gymnast will be escorted by a coach to the isolation room where they will maintain a

2 metres social distance the gymnasts will never be left alone.

  • A face mask, tissues, hand sanitiser, disinfectant and/or wipes will be provided. Advice should be given to the person presenting with symptoms to cover their mouth and nose with the disposable tissue provided when they cough or sneeze and put the tissue in the waste bag provided. They should not be touching people, surfaces, and objects.
  • A member of staff will locate their parent/carer by phone/ or emergency services as appropriate.


 Measures that BGC will Implement: working towards the prevention of and minimising risk   

 of COVID-19


  • full training, induction and orientation day for our coaches and support staff prior to our return.
  • Ensure that all staff and members have read and understood additional policies and procedures
  • All coaching staff will now be part of BGC cleaning dream team and implement new daily cleaning schedule
  • detailed new risk assessment to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our club, which are all available to view upon request via our website brightongymnastics.co.uk


  • Addition of a covid-19 Monitor for each session – responsibilities can be seen via website in policies
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided by the club on entrance to the facility, gymnasts should bring their own to use during the session.
  • Temperature check on arrival for all staff members and gymnasts, if showing reading of above 37.9 entrance to the session will be refused
  • Orientation of building one-way systems & signage- see appendix 1& 2 in guidance notes and access to gymnast orientation video via website.
  • New and improved lesson plans to accommodate Socially distance coaching working inline with British gymnastics guidance
  • Staggered start times – working a new timetable, allowing for one-way systems, and cleaning
  • Individual baskets will be used by gymnasts and coaching staff to store their belongings in the gymnasium and will be cleaned after every use and kept at a safe distance and kept in class areas to minimise risk of cross contamination


  • Faster computerised register system to give immediate information for NHS track and trace if required
  • Clear Face visors to be worn at entrance and exit post and for cleaning and first aid but not within session


  • Working areas rearranged – slightly reduced apparatus set ups and different layout of the gym each week to utilize equipment in a fun way
  • same groups of gymnasts working with the same coaches, using same warm up area each session (bubbles)
  • Reduced numbers of participants max 27 participants in line with government and BG guidelines
  • maintaining a distance of 2m / 1 m+ as is reasonably practicable when coaching
  • Supporting/spotting will be carried out only if necessary or if a gymnast is in danger of a move failing resulting in injury


  • Limited access to toilet facilities


  • Introduction of a contact log- records kept of anyone who has had physical contact or close contact less than 1 meter for more than 15min will need to be recorded.
  • Mental health & wellbeing awareness will be promoted and there will be an open-door policy for all who need additional support both for coaches and gymnasts alike.
  • Lead coach and club manager are charged with ensuring that COVID-19 measures are strictly adhered to and key information will be reinforced by on a weekly basis.
  • All Staff will be encouraged to undergo Coronavirus testing as and when it is widely available and necessary when traveling from abroad.


Coaches –


  • To understand, abide by and carryout all measures BGC will be implementing to reduce the risk of Covid-19 within our environment
  • To adhere to all items within coaches return to work guidelines including carrying out new cleaning schedules to the highest standard.
  • Respect other members of staff, gymnasts, and parents on their own views on the current situation and recognize not everyone may feel the same
  • Understand if and when gymnasts maybe a bit apprehensive on returning to classes, encourage them and other coaching staff members to get back into a fun and enjoyable way of working in our new normal gymnastics’ environment.
  • When nominated Covid-19 monitor, ensure all areas are kept clean and safe, gymnast temp checks are done in a calm and respectful manner.
  • Follow and deliver a fun, enjoyable, motivating set of lesson plans adapted to the skill level of your groups and within the social distancing coaching program set by lead coach.



  • There will be One-way systems, Gymnast drop off and collection points which you must adhere to (see appendix 1&2) as limited or no cross over with other clubs is required
  • In-line with Brighton Girls GDST new school regulations of  limited adults inside school buildings there will be NO PARENTS ALLOWED INTO THE BUILDING unless in case of an emergency and NO WAITING ON SCHOOL GROUNDS, so we have implemented a gymnast drop off and collection system, this will also mean unfortunately no access to parking unless agreed disabled space (need to have been agreed in writing with BGC management and a visitors pass arranged prior to September term).


  • NEW entrance door for gymnasts to the back of girls changing rooms (see Appendix 1) no access via main sport foyer entrance
  • Symptom Screening - temperature check. Will be done before entry

NOTE: In case reading above 37.9 access will be refused. This screening is not intended to be, nor is it a substitute for, a clinical diagnosis.


  • Those waiting to drop off or enter the facility will queue outside on the black walkway entrance at 2m intervals.
  • Ensure that you arrive to drop off gymnast within your class allocated time if you are late it may result in you not being able to gain access as outside gates and doors will be locked, if you know you are running late please call 0742103900 and if it is within 5mins we maybe free to come and let you in but this cannot be guaranteed
  • If you are late for collection of your gymnast please be aware that we are running to tight time constrains to be able to offer everyone a space, so unless you contact us within plenty of time by phone on 0742103900 we will have taken your child back into the gym and will not be able to dismiss until the next class leaves. (sorry but cannot be helped due to new logistics)


  • Complete a screening checklist form on behalf of your gymnast and return via email 3 days before first session


  • Have a good understanding of the covid-19 policy and have purchased the following items for your gymnasts use during the session: Hand sanitizer, Gym shoes, small wipeable bag labelled with the gymnast name.
  • Ensure all personal belongings of gymnast are kept to a bare minimum, all items are labelled with name, including any medical items such as inhalers, and can fit into a small wipeable bag, if a coat is to be worn it must be left with parent or able to fit in a small bag.


Parents continued

  • Gymnasts are NOT wear earrings without being covered with tape if gymnast unable to take them out and have not got tape with them we are no longer allowed to lend tape to cover gymnast ears, they will be refused access to the session on health and safety grounds.


  • There will be limited access to toilet facilities so please ensure your child has used the toilet before you come to gym! to limit disruption during the lesson, due to cleaning and one-way systems they will lose valuable time


  • All correspondence should made via email or phone, where not possible or a signature is required Paperwork that needs to be pasted to admin, will be placed in a designated box on desk at the gymnast drop off point, please note due to restrictions it will take a week to process as it will be boxed for 3 days before opened
  • All fees payments are now paid by BACS. Or bank transfer 3 days before the first session
  • Please treat all coaches and volunteers with respect
  • It is extremely important to familiarize your gymnast with the new Covid-19 policy and new layout. Encourage gymnasts to Share any concerns on new systems that are now in place speak to coaches, it is crucial that gymnasts feel at ease returning to BGC sessions



  • Understand and adhere to the new one-way systems and new entrance to the building that are now in place
  • Gymnasts must stick to 2meter social distance rule when inside the facility
  • All participants should ensure they have used the toilet before arriving at the facility to limit disruption during the lesson.
  • Encourage and support other gymnasts in the new way of working.
  • Take care and look after their own belongings, ensuring that they keep everything together in their wipeable bag and basket
  • No belongings will to be left in the changing rooms
  • Change into gym shoes on arrival through the entrance door placing outdoor shoes in your bag
  • Watch orientation video via website wwwbrightongymnastics.co.uk prior to returning to classes, this will give you more of an idea on what to expect.
  • Listen and show respect to all coaches when being spoken to and when advice is given on new ways of working and gymnastic skills and stations being covered
  • Remember which warm up floor area you have been guided to RED or BLUE

As it will be the same every week along with your coaches remember their names

  • Help your group by wiping down equipment side station that you have just used so it is safe for others to use after. All will be done under supervision of coach it is important that we all become part of BGC cleaning dream team!
  • Not too leave the premises unaccompanied (by an adult), if under 16 years of age, without prior written agreement
  • If you are feeling unwell in any way you should inform the coach immediately temperature will be redone and accessed.
  • Speak to your coach if you have a problem of any sorts during your session or If you feel you cannot talk to a coach and would like a bit more reassurance returning to gymnastics and the new way of doing things is making you feel uneasy please contact our Club Welfare Officer privately- Mrs Sandra Latter via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 07547628874

Stay safe, learn good gymnastics, laugh, have fun!

*This Covid-19 policy has been adopted from British Gymnastics and Governmental Guidelines